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Friends Balance Your Love Life - Take a Recess

When you were a kid and it was 'recess time' did you ever think that it was making your focus and the schoolwork better? No, you just had fun! Well friends for relationships are like 'recess'. It is fun, and at the same time it gets your wiggles out so that you can focus on your relationship and be more at peace with yourself.

How is this? Well, when you are only ever spending time with your partner, you tend to get annoyed with every little thing they do, you start to take for granted the things they do for you, you get restless, you start having only one perspective on things and your mind starts to wish it was somewhere else. Now some couples really can't get enough of each other, but it is usually because they don't live together, they rarely see one another, or they have many other things going on in their life.

We are talking to you homebodies, the living together, always doing the same thing kind of scenario. Friends are important here because they remind you of whom you are, what you like to do outside of the relationship, and give you a fresh perspective on your situation.

After you talk it out, play it out, get refreshed and have some 'you' time with your buddies, it is more than nice to come back home and snuggle with your soul mate. You got your wiggles out and now you are peaceful!

So don't forget recess and have some fun with your pals! Make sure it isn't just text or talk time on the phone,

but you actually go do something you enjoy! Laugh, be silly, do something your partner doesn't ever want to do, whatever. Take those well-needed breaks for balance in your life, your spirit and in your love life.

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