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Why LAUGHING Keeps your Love Life Fresh!

Even in the hardest of times, when we see something funny, we laugh and all the problems disappear for a moment. Keeping your love life fresh can be a long and tedious road if you don't have a sense of humor. When you get irritated with your partner or they get irritated with you, it is always better to go the funny route then to start a fight. Here are some tips on how to keep laughter in your relationship.

1. Watch Comedy Together

This seems like an obvious one but many couples never laugh together! Watch some funny movies you can refer back to, a comedy skit on Netflix or live, watch some funny YouTube videos or read some 'funnies' from the paper. When you have content you both know, it is easier to throw it into your everyday life.

2. Play Together

This means board games that are funny, sporting clubs where you can banter and be jovial, card games where the content is hilarious, heck...just go play some 'HORSE' with a basketball in the neighborhood court and try not to laugh when you miss crazy shots! Playing together makes life fun and silly, it brightens everything.

3. Humor vs. Nagging

When you have the urge to nag, complain, criticize, or the like...try some light humor instead and joke about it. "Did you see those dishes? I think they are so dirty they started grinding each other!" HA! Get it? Dirty?! Well your partner might, and get the hint to wash them finally too but with a laugh instead of an "ALRIGHT ALREADY!". Just keep the humor light, have fun and keep those puns coming!

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