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Why Food and Sex MIX

There are several reasons why food and sex go hand in hand; from dinner dates, breakfast in bed and lunch rendezvous, to eating food specifically for the aphrodisiac qualities, food and drinks are always good ways to start your journey to the bedroom.

1. Food on a date can set the mood...

When you are all dressed up, out to a fancy dinner, you eat exquisite food, have a few glasses of bubbly..the sex afterwards seems elevated, more special and more anticipated. When you are just going out for a burger, the atmosphere is more casual, the mood more light and the sex is a little more that way as well, with less expectations...the beginning always sets the mood for the rest of the date.

2. Food can get you in the mood, scientifically

Foods that have certain chemicals that elevate sexual arousal, increase your happy zones in the brain and satisfy your taste-buds can put you right into the zone. Lobster, chocolate, strawberries, and other highly erotic foods should be a regular weekly food menu item!

3. Making food together is like foreplay

When you make a meal together there is touching, laughing, talking, teaching and other interactive gestures that can be turned into flirty foreplay. Tasting the food, kissing it off of their lips, the smells and sounds all making you hungry for food and sex!

4. Food with sex

Then there is the more direct approach where you can just eat your food off of their body! Sushi, whip cream, honey, ice cream, mashed potatoes, you name it! Have some fun and make a game of it or a whole meal...just make sure you are showered before and after your food fun!

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