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Why DO Opposites Attract?

The yin and the yang, the light and the dark, the lazy and the hyper motivated...why do opposites attract when you would assume that they would stay far away from one another? Often we wonder why certain couples are content with their relationship when they are clearly different and have nothing in common but love. Here are some fun couple opposites that work but in the funniest ways....

> The introvert and the extrovert

The person who is cuddled under a blanket with snacks, the lights down low, are settled in their pj's and has a stack of movies ready to go VS. the person who is dressed up like they are in Vegas, fully groomed, designer shoes on and is ready to hit the night life until the wee hours of the morning while hitting up every friend they know along the way.

Why does this couple work? Balance.

The person who is always out, always giving to friends and family, is constantly stimulated by action, entertainment and activity needs to come down into a quiet place once in awhile to fill up, recharge and have some alone time to appreciate life and keep a down to earth perspective.

The person who is non-social, wants to stay home all the time and needs solitude also needs to get out and have fun once in awhile, remember what life is like outside of the house, meet new people and work on their social interactions for a balanced mental state of mind.

> The joker and the bore

One person is always making jokes, having a laugh, watching funny movies and television, always is the life of the party, pulling pranks and making sarcastic and witty comebacks VS. the serious one, who always has their eyes on people observing and being quiet, worried about money, about bills, keeping up appearances and is always looking for the logic in every situation.

Why does this couple work? Integrity

The person who is always the joker can become obnoxious and flaky, almost irresponsible and inconsiderate to others. They need to be brought into a place of observance, keeping the jokes at the right time and in the right place, while staying serious about things that need to be done and sensitive topics.

The serious bore, can get VERY boring and become a downer, so they need to smile more, to lighten up and have a sense of humor about life and to enjoy the moment instead of worrying so much.

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