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When Health Issues Cause Roadblocks in your Sex Life

Sometimes when you are in the moment and you are ready to get intimate, that "thing" in the back of your mind pops up and your health issue becomes a big stop sign for having sex. The "thing" could be any number of issues such as pain upon penetration, not having the ability to get aroused, skin irritation, a flare up from a sexually transmitted disease, pain from ovarian cysts, etc. There are also mental health issues that can cause lack of sex such as insecurities, lack of sexual desire, the fear of not being good enough or sexy enough... so many roadblocks.

When you have these obstacles and you are not able to have a satisfying sex life, it can cause problems in other parts of your relationship as well and ultimately make you feel miserable. Here are some helpful guidelines to get you past the roadblocks.

1. Talk out your emotions

Talking to a counselor or to each other to get out the emotional drag you are feeling will do wonders not only for your relationship in general but to help you get the tools you need to find the root of your problem and heal the wounds that created it.

2. Talk to your healthcare provider

Go to your specialist and make sure you are doing everything you can to make sure your body is healthy in your reproductive area. There are medications to help prevent flare ups, there are diets that help with skin irritation, there are many different ways to control cyst or fibroid pain and manage your symptoms but also to help cure your body! You will not only feel better overall but sex will feel much better and you will be ready to feel pleasure again instead of pain.

3. Start working out

Exercise in any form is one of the best ways to connect to your body, feel more confident and get your arousal back! When you feel better about yourself you want to be more physical with your partner, plus exercise helps elevate your libido, produce those happy serotonin chemicals and light up your endorphins! Do it together and you will feel connected and more open with touch. Have your partner spot you, help stretch you out, do connected yoga together or try a class and keep the body connection hot!

Lastly, you need to compromise with one another. If you or your partner are going through some issues, be patient, supportive and follow up with getting to the root of the problem and solving it. While you are both in a weird place, you can do other things that aren't painful or awkward like making out, sensual massage, using your hands or your mouth on their body, reading exotic stories to each other or playing sexy games. Be creative and move through it by making positive memories, exploring new things and healing at the same time.

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