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Top 10 Trips for Couples

Traveling is a big deal when it comes to couple bonding time! When you travel together you get to know the most intimate details of your partner, plus experience memories together, funny stories, adventures and experience life with new fresh eyes! Here is a list of the top 10 places we think couples should visit!

1. Martinique

This tropical island has beautiful beaches, warm weather, and a touch of France. Although most speak french here, the all-inclusive resorts cater to all languages, have amazing food and the views are breathtaking.

2. Madrid

In Spain's city, you can find culture, night life, exotic food, dancing, and plenty to do! For the more urban couple, this place is beautiful, lively and fun with romantic city nights.

3. Crete

In Greece, this island not only has white sandy beaches, beautiful water, and lovely views, but it also has culture, history, fresh seafood and beautiful places to stay.

4. Bora Bora

If you haven't been, it is a once in a lifetime place you have to go to! The over the water huts, the food, the tropical scenery, the shore excursions and culture is something you will never forget!

5. Georgia

This country in Europe has some of the best wine in the world, the largest botanical gardens, music, culture, beautiful ocean ports, hotels and fine dining restaurants.

6. Belize

Backpacking, ziplining, beaches, snorkeling, fresh seafood and many beautiful places to stay make this destination not only beautiful but adventurous and budget friendly!

7. Costa Rica

This vacation is a popular honeymoon spot because of the great prices, the many things to do for both outdoor lovers and nightlife, the surfing, the great food and the relaxed vibe.

8. Rio de Janeiro

Hang gliding off of giant statues and cliffs, outdoor adventures, bright city life, gorgeous hotels and restaurants and beautiful people greet you in Brazil.

9. Wales

Rock climbing, countryside picnics, bike tours, little villages and quiet nights are a nice change of pace. Soft and starry nights with a glass of wine and a cozy fire await you here.

10. Andaman Islands

This piece of heaven in India is a small place full of boutique hotels on beaches with coral reefs and beautiful marine life. Start here then travel in to the mainland to experience India's spices, food, culture and shopping.

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