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Hitting Your Sexual Peaks & Valleys - How to keep your love life going.

Everyone's sexual peaks are different based on chemistry, natural attraction, health and age. When you are in a healthy lifestyle with a balanced set of hormones, attracted to your partner and have plenty of energy...those peaks are high and often! When you are feeling crummy, your hormones are out of whack, you just don't feel sexy or you are too tired all the time, those sexual peaks go downhill and can be 'death valley' for many relationships.

Now life happens that can lead to valleys; sometimes that is based on job loss, depression, having a cold, stress, or any other bummer. If you have an understanding partner then they can usually wait it out, talk you through it and offer comfort rather than sexual pleasure. Many times nurturing, being caring and having a balanced relationship can make those valleys less painful and lead back to some great 'uplifting sex'.

So how do you get to that point? How do you get out of the dry spell that is haunting your bed and makes you feel drained and dull?

1. Get Healthy! Find better foods to eat, start exercising, get outside and explore, take your vitamins, drink lots of water and give your body, brain, heart and lungs the endurance and energy it needs to have some great sex! See your doctor, keep up on your health and your body's needs. Plus you get the added bonus of having a sexier body and feeling great about yourself!

2. Get Zen! Meditate, sleep, read, do yoga, listen to calming music...we are so over stimulated all the time by

life, technology, pressures, family, friends, etc....that we forget to tune out and just give the mind some rest and relaxation! So spend some quiet time for yourself to feel rejuvenated and have a peace inside that helps you get through the bumps in life.

3. Date! Go out and have quality time, make a meal together, play twister, give each other back rubs, I mean...we have plenty of blogs on dating you can scope out and get lots of ideas! The point is - keep the interest, the friendship and the bond between you and your partner fresh and intimate.

4. Find someone new! Maybe your dry spell has to do with the issues you are having with your partner. Maybe they don't nurture your soul, they are critical, they don't have time for you, they don't make you feel sexy or special...maybe it's time to move on or - here it comes - go to counseling! If you are feeling like your heart is heavy and it's putting a mental block on your sexual life, we can help! It's never too late to talk it out and dig you out of that pit. But it may be time to look at your partnership in a new perspective.

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