Great Ways to Start The New Year with Your Love

The confetti has settled, you are back to work from the holidays and now the real goals start. How do you want to start this 2016 off with your partner? Do you want to try and do all that stuff you tried last year and didn't go through with? Do you want to feel regretful and unaccomplished? Heck no! Here are some great ideas to get it right this year and feel ultra achieved going forward.

1. Make a vision board.

This concept has actually been around long before it became 'a thing'. Collages, visual goals, visualization in general has been a tool for athletes, dreamers and most anybody who needs a constant reminder of what they want. Sit down together and make individual ones that show what you want this year. Not just in material items but in your relationships, your own personal needs and in your career. Celebrate these things when they come true!

2. Make a goal jar.

Grab a few or many mason jars and some cool labels. Label your jars with the realistic goals you want to achieve! Then grab some cool stones, glass marbles, etc. and put them in a big bowl next to the jars. Every time you do something to get closer to your goal, throw a stone in your jar. The physical act of it will make you feel more accomplished. If it's money you need, put cash in the jar instead and fill it up until you reach your money goal!

3. List out a 'bucket list' for THIS YEAR.

So instead of having a bucket list for things to do before you die, try doing one for this year only. Put 5 awesome goals on your list and put it on your refrigerator. Maybe it is a trip for the two of you, to get a promotion, to make amends with a broken relationship in your family or just to volunteer every month at your local animal shelter...make them good! Do this stuff's bonding and will create great memories.

4. Be quitters!

So this is actually a good thing! Quit something BAD for you, TOGETHER. Support each other in quitting and make a goal to keep it for a whole year. It could be smoking, drinking, eating late, eating twinkies, biting your nails, whatever..just make sure you are both quitting a bad habit and encourage one another to keep it up!

5. Focus on a WEAKNESS.

Usually you don't focus on negative things right? But this time you focus on your ONE weakness that is holding you back. Research ways to improve it, make it stronger, be smarter about it and defeat it once and for all! If you have a tough time with finances, CONQUER THIS...if you are shy and can't talk to people, OPEN UP...if you only want to have sex in one position, TRY NEW WAYS TO HAVE will feel much more confident as a couple when you both defeat something that brought you down before!

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