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Taking it Back - Dating like its 1955

We love the modern age, technology, fast meals, lots of entertainment...but what about slowing it down? Just for dating purposes? What if you decided it would be fun to 'take it back' to say..1955? Why that year? Even though it was a time of change, there are many fun things that came out of the 50's and we thought it would be fun to suggest some vintage dates for you!

1. Sock Hop Updated

You won't find too many sock hops around these days but they were the jam in 1955! Dancing is now loud beats, dark rooms and sweaty bodies just pulsating. So instead of the club scene, try going to a local dance! Go to the local vets hall, restaurant or dance studio that sponsors free dance hours, to actually move around and see the other person! Take dance lessons, or just wing it! Dance the twist or just be-bop around and have fun.

2. Watch it in 3-D or at the Drive In

3-D movies came out in the 50's and were sure swell! Find a DVD or local movie that is in 3D, put on those super cool cat glasses and watch it in amazement. Try watching one of the first movies in 3D, 'Bwana Devil' and appreciate how far we have come! Go to a drive-in theater and get cozy in the seats, get some pop corn and remember what it was like to go big theater style!

3. Go Beatnick style

Walk on the dark side of the 50's (as in dark clothes and smoky clubs) and watch some artsy and indie performances. Try getting up on stage and doing improv! Read to each other poetry and drink some fancy expressos among the artistic crowd. Go to a book store (used is preferred) and roam through the many novels to find a good one to read out loud at home so you are both into the story!

4. Jello & Cocktail Party!

With the trend of the geletin mold in the 50's, jello of mixed varieties with all kinds of goodies mixed in was a hot dinner party treat. Invite some friends over and serve some fun jello creations with some 50's style cocktails such as a Mai Tai, a Bikini Martini, a Mojito, a Tom Collins or a good old Gin Tonic!

5. Diner Hopping

Diners are still very much in style, so how about a hop? A diner hop. Pick out a few diners in the area, local, franchise, whichever is available. Start by sharing a milkshake at the first one, then order your meal at the next, and your dessert at the last place. Use the jukebox and listen to some classic rock or a classic ballad. Have a good time and maybe even dress the part! Throw on that poodle skirt and slick back that hair! Maybe even rent a cool 1950's car to cruise in!

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