Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder - Time Alone = Better Time Together

When you are in a relationship and you are constantly with one another, living together, married, whatever the case may be, sometimes the best medicine for a 'rut' is to have some alone time away. We aren't saying a breakup, or a time out, but more like some 'you' time of refilling your cup! Everyone needs some time to rekindle their soul, to remember who they are as an individual or to remember why you both make a good team as two different people. Here are some suggestions on getting that time away so you can have more quality time together.

1. Go on a retreat

This could be a yoga retreat, a back-packer's getaway, a spiritual conference, a self-improvement seminar...whichever holds true to your soul. Just make sure it is a place you can have peace, grow, and get nurtured.

2. Get out on the road

Plan a solo road trip where you stay in places that make you feel good, you visit road stops and parks, you see some sights, you find hole-in-the-wall restaurants...you journal, take pictures, listen to your music...have a great time revisiting the quiet of your adventure.

3. Take a holiday

Hop on a plane and fly to an island, your family's place, your best friend's house, the lake, the city...wherever you feel a true holiday awaits you. Take a few days to pamper yourself, absorb the surroundings, relax and truly take a break from technology!

4. Go get a hobby

This is more of a regular get away where you either become a part of a club, an association, a group, a class, etc. and you take up an interest that is just for you. Whether it is a cooking class, an art class, a quilt guild, a sports fantasy team, a networking group, an athletic group, etc. make sure you go and dedicate your 'me' time to that.

5. Take a date out

This would be a solo date just for yourself. You go watch a movie, you go read at the park, you go on a long

bike ride, etc. This is time you set aside for yourself on a weekly basis that your partner knows is just for you. You take it religiously and you get the time you need to reset, be alone, do something you truly love and have fun doing it.

Try one or all of these and talk to your partner about it. Let them know why it is important and why it is good for both of you to do it. You will have great things to talk about when you return, memories you can share, experiences that are in a new way and from a different perspective and you will get the down time you need to be able to give again. It is good to miss your significant other and remember why you are together, but it is equally important to be good to yourself and nurture the person you are to keep balance.

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