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How to Make Love Making Last Longer

When you think of foreplay, do you think of a quick kiss on the cheek and now here we go!? Nooooo, you think of a warm up! A warm up that involves getting each person feverish, hot, throbbing! What?! That's only in books, television, movies!! No, no it's is and can be, AHHH-mazing. So how do you make it last? How can you make it last with so many things running through your mind, kids around, neighbors on the other side of the wall, 10 minutes to get 'er done, etc.... We know life happens! We ain't talking about quickies here, that's a whole different excitement and should be practiced when necessary! Let's talk about the fantasy...

1. Play a game!

Write on pieces of paper what you want the other person to do to you! Don't be shy! However, if it is a 'kill zone' aka: They would NEVER do that to you...eww, then skip that one! Make 10 each and fold them up. Drop them in separate 'Fantasy' jars. Take turns taking out something from the other person's jar and then perform it slowly and really do a good job! When you are done with the game you will both be ready to explode!

2. Role play it up!

Oh yeah! Who needs Halloween when you can get a costume and 'play' at home? Don't be shy here either, dress up to your fantasy and take turns! He wants you to be a French maid? Put on the outfit, talk in a French accent and play hard to get! You want him to be a naughty professor? Dress him up and have him play out the role until you are both being naughty. Have fun and make secret memories together!

3. Massages

Not the one body section kind, but do a full body massage with oils, edible kinds! Really get them to relax and play with their mouth with kisses while you massage those thighs! Break out the relaxing music, soft lighting and incense! Slide around on each other oily and touch every inch as you go into a tantric state of bliss!

4. Red Light ,Green Light!

While you are making love stop and separate, feed each other chocolate strawberries, sip champagne out of each other's navels, do some oral pleasure on sensitive body parts like the palm of the hand, the back of the knee, around the neck, then go into your partner again. Don't let each other fully orgasm until you have stopped and started at least three times!

5. Watch a movie

Pick out a sensual movie together - one that has a story line and not just sex! Whenever they do the naughty on film, you get busy and work it out but don't finish! Keep doing this throughout the film, only touching and being intimate when they are, then stopping to watch the story. By the last scene you will be feverish with desire and more than ready to finish!

See, it's possible! Make it a date night and take your time. You will be thinking about it for days!!

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