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5 Great Dates for Valentine's Day

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For this day, many celebrate the greatful hearts they have to be with their precious love. To remember why you came together, to respect and honor the love between you and to celebrate your passion and chemistry! But you don't want those same 'ol dates you have been going on every you want to do something really snazzy. So here they are, your 5 amazing, cool, awesome and great date ideas to get you started!

1. Camping in Style

If you are fortunate enough to not be knee deep in snow about now, camping is a great way to get away and be cozy together. Set up the tent with a great air mattress inside, use real sheets and a comforter to make it cuddle friendly, put some battery operated 'flicker candles' all around so you don't worry about setting a fire, add rose petals and soft music from your phone and be quiet together under the stars. Prepare a romantic breakfast, go on a hike, focus on each other and be thankful for your connection.

2. Dinner at Home

Seems simple enough but a must if you are knee deep in snow! Light a fire, cook something new and exciting TOGETHER by watching a fun cooking video while being a team in the kitchen and letting each other taste your part of the meal. Blind the other person and feed them a bite to taste your new dish, kiss the sauce off and pair it with some different wines. Play some music from France or Italy and take your experience to 'new country' in your own home. When you are done eating slow dance by the fireplace and turn off all the lights. Slowly undress each other and make some movie worthy love making right there on the floor with lots of blankets and pillows to snuggle with afterwards.

3. Destination Trip

Find a great place you want to spend the night and book a reservation for you and your honey. Usually there is a two night minimum on V-day so plan for Friday and Saturday nights. Pack your favorite snacks, some great tunes and plan some detour trips to hole in the wall places you both would love. Once you get to your destination take advantage of the spa treatments, the restaurants, the room to yourself and maybe just order room service the whole time. On your way back stop and take a picture of the scenery every 30 minutes. Get out and kiss and play, have fun and take your time driving home.

4. Movie Marathon

Go to the video store and grab a huge stack of both of your favorite movies you haven't seen in a long time, throw in some new ones and mix it up. Grab your favorite movie junk food at the grocery store and all the fixin's to make a pizza. Go home, make your yummy pizza together, snuggle down and number your movies. Write down all the numbers on pieces of paper to draw from a hat. Every time you pick a number by surprise, you grab the correlating movie and watch to your heart's content. Don't forget to take breaks to make-out, snack, laugh and relax in each other's arms.

5. Tapas Hopping

Many places will be totally booked out for dinner but their bar, appetizer lounge or patio will be open for small plates. Do some research and find all the places that offer the walk in service for tapas dishes and plan to go hopping. Start early and get your first small meals with a fun new cocktail. If possible, try to get an area of restaurants that are all walking distance to each other so you don't have to drive all over. Hop to the next place with your next small meal and keep going until you are full and have tried all the different meals you can! Then go find a dance floor to work off that great food and get close and sweaty! Now get back home and ...well I think you can figure out the rest.

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