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Low Budget Dates for Holiday Savings

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You are in a rush to the mall, you have to get those presents online, you just found out your half of the family is all coming to your house, oh and now his is too...presents for all and what was that... your kids want the latest PlayStation with about 40 games...

Holy smokes, the holidays are a great time for giving, but when date night rolls around, not everyone is jumping for joy. The budget is focused on the celebration, whether that's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or your special winter solstice and date nights are the last thing on your mind.

However, they should not be, because keeping your relationship hot and romantic keeps the spirit of the season fresh and the love which is the most important part, in the forefront of you mind. The stresses and price tags, the guests and the big meal, they are all part of it too, the memories...but it's good to keep those lovely quiet moments between you and your love as well!

sex and love therapy

1. Ice Skating and Hot Cocoa

Most places have a nearby skating rink, or better yet, ski slopes! If you are in one of these great places, spend a little cash to get an hour skate rental ($10-$20 per hour with skate rental). When you are done bumping into eachother and laughing you can warm up with some gourmet hot cocoa at your local Starbucks or coffee shop, sit and snuggle while you talk.

2. Take a Picture with Santa!

Be one of the kids and go dress up, sit on Santa's knee and tell him what you want for Christmas! Get a great picture ( $10 and up) and a fun memory out of it. Afterwards go candy tasting at your local "See's Candy" or other fun candy store, get a little bag to share and finish the night off with an old fashioned bowl of mac n' cheese for dinner!

sex and love therapy

3. Go to the holiday festival

There are always holiday festivals at this time of year like "Winter Wonderland", "Lights of Main Street", etc. Find one that is going on in your proximity and have some fun at the little booths, take a sled ride down the brought in snow, watch the high school band play jingle bells, just get out and breathe in that fresh air.

4. Take a winter walk

Whether you are in snow country or not, you can always enjoy the changing of the seasons with a good walk. Put on your snow shoes or your hiking boots, walk through nature or your local park and notice the leaves changing, the animals scurrying about, the sounds and smells of winter. When you are done treat each other to some homemade soup and rolls and snuggle by the fire.

sex and love therapy

5. Go to a play!

This can be very inexpensive at your local high school, college or city center where they have fun holiday performances at a small fee. See the 'Nutcracker', 'A Christmas Carol', or whatever they have playing and enjoy their fun acting! When you are done go have a good old-fashioned burger, fries and a shake at your local diner and enjoy.

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