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5 Signs you are Falling In Love

Sex and Love Therapy
We all want to fall in love but how do you really know you are falling in love with that special new partner? I always hear "I think I'm falling..." or "This feels like love..." or "Woa, I'm in love.." with a bit of wonderment, curiosity, anxiety and excitement. Here are 5 signs you are definitley falling head over feet and can officially call yourself "In Love".

Sex and Love Therapy

1. You think about them ALL THE TIME.

You are pouring coffee and you wonder how they take theirs, you are brushing your teeth and you wonder how they brush their teeth, you shop for clothes and always think of what they would like on you, you cook dinner and wish they were there to share get the idea.

Sex and Love Therapy

2. You feel a CONNECTION.

There is this sixth sense that lingers between you both that happens to couples in love. This is where one person texts the other and the other person was about to text the same thing, or you were about to call them and your phone rings and its them, or you have similar dreams, feel like doing the same thing that night or going to see the same movie...oh no, it's not a coincidence!

Sex and Love Therapy


Your friends are always telling you to get a room or notice how cute it was when you held hands with your lover the whole time at dinner, and you can't stop kissing and stroking and touching and cuddling and rubbing and grazing and nibbling...and other touching things.

Sex and Love Therapy

4. You are GOOEY on social media.

You are tagged to each other as in a relationship, you have your favorite "couple picture" up as your profile, you post gooey love notes on each other's posts and tumblr pics and tag them in everything you think is funny, or cute, or interesting, or anything and you LIKE everything they ever post.


5. You DREAM big.

You start to dream up things like long road trips, houses you could see you both living in, wedding, honeymoon, kids, career ventures and any big goals that the two of you would be amazing at together.

It is that special moment when it hits you, whether it is when they laugh, or give you that kiss that blows you away inside and then you truly know that they are completely wrapped around your soul.

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