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Dating Trends of 2014

Dating and relationships have truly evolved with the boom of social media, apps, the internet and new ways of discovering all about a person before you even meet them. The trends of 2014 have focused on new technology, different approaches to commitment and breaking traditions in dating.

1. Check List & Deal Breakers

With the abundance of people on OKCupid, Match, Tinder, the local hot spots, Facebook, Instagram and multiple other places on the internet and around town that you can find through events apps, special functions and other resources...people are not willing to settle. The quality of relationships has gone up and daters are having to step it up a notch to keep the fire alive.

2. Independence

Couples are realizing that they need to feed themselves before they can feed into a relationship so there are more people not living together right away, more couples focusing on their own goals first and keeping their friendships and social commitments as they were before they started dating.

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3. Marriage Experience

More couples are getting married more for the experience and the desire to commit rather than marriage for security and necessity which was more of a tradition in the past. Couples are opting for a wedding that is more intimate, unique, catered to their own personalities and staying clear of old traditions that have a negative stigma attached to it.

4. Multiple Soul Mates

Dating relationships that don't want the marriage experience are looking for "long term partners" for the season they are in. In other words "let's hang out for a few years then move on as we grow" kind of partnerships. Couples are not looking to lose money or material items, get their credit torched or have children with these partners and desire the freedom of choice over legal ties.

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5. Single at Any Age

There are more special events, hot places, festivals, and dating venues for all ages of singles now opposed to the old thought of only 20 something's hanging at the local club. There are more quality ways to meet singles and more group interests that attract people from all age groups and all dating types.

6. Online Dating Forever

Online dating is completely expected and normal now as a single person to at least dip into with every other effort of finding that special someone. Dating apps are easily accessible to scroll the dating pool waiting on the subway or on the elevator and internet dating can become a filter game that narrows the pool that otherwise would be lining the bar.

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7. Staying Over Relationships

With the trend of independence and choosing a higher quality mate, many people are opting to just date long term while staying over a few days a week then going back to their own house to decompress, spend some alone time and focus on there selves. Many daters realize that when moving in too fast you can lose yourself and your focus along with romance and appreciation for the other person. This way gives them the true impression of living with someone without fully committing all of their time.

8. Office Dating

With more and more offices trying to go casual and cool to attract the young techies, offices are more casual about inner office dating as well. Some companies feel it keeps company loyalty longer and adds to the support of the team. Along with beer Fridays, ping pong breaks and office doggy day.

9. Dating Advice on YouTube

Dating advice and insider's moves are all over YouTube and are watched by millions to find new moves, ways to interact and converse, pick up on a single mate and how to keep the relationship strong. Men especially have become the topic of dating advice from other men and women trying to share all of the secrets in how to melt hearts or get hot in bed.

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10. Social Media Profiling

This one is big. As soon as a person is interested in another dater they are trolling their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or other social media page to find out their friends, see pictures, find out what they like, what they post and how public they are with their private life. As long as you have a first and last name you can pretty much Google the heck out of anyone.

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