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Fun Quiz - What is You Main Hot Spot?

Out of the many erogenous zones for both men and women, there are some that are truly "hot spots" for people, more so that any other place. Now the obvious would be the genitals, the chest and anything around the rear, but what about the other sensitive parts of the body? What parts really heat you up when your eyes are closed and that place is gently kissed or massaged? Does it feel good enough to give you an orgasm? Some people can even orgasm from kissing! Here is a little quiz to see if you have discovered your "Main Hot Spot"!

Pick each answer you would like best:

1. You are on a date and your lover slowly puts their face close to yours to where you can almost feel them breathing through their nose, the energy is electric and very slowly they...

A-Kiss you passionately

B-Start to nibble on your ears

C-Run their tongue along your neck

D-Rub their leg between your thighs

2. You just step out of the shower all wet and you start to dry yourself off, your partner comes up from behind you with the steam fresh around you and begins to pull your towel down while...

A-Gently rubbing their fingers around your lips

B-Whisper hot words into your ear

C-Massage the back of your neck with their mouth

D-Rub the back of your thigh inside and up toward your buttocks

3. You just got done having sex and you are relaxed and laying in bed with your eyes closed. Your lover went to get some water and comes back with some ice to get you ramped up again. You are hot and sweaty but your lover starts to ...

A-Put the ice in their mouth and rub it along your lips then kiss you with it

B-Takes the ice in their mouth and slowly runs it along the outer ridge of your ear

C-Strokes the side of your neck with it from your jaw to your collarbone

D-Takes the ice from the top of your hip down the inside of your thigh to your knee

4. You are at the beach at night under a thick blanket next to a fire with no one but your lover around under the blanket with you. You are feeling the need to get things started because you are super turned on so you first...

A-Start kissing their mouth with little kisses working your way into deeper ones

B-Run your tongue along their shoulder while you nuzzle your ear next to their neck

C-Put your nipples in their mouth while rubbing your neck on their hair

D-Put one leg over their body rubbing your thigh along their genitals


Mostly A's


Sex and Love Therapy

Your mouth is your temple zone of passion and can trigger a hot and full orgasm, or can kill a date real fast if it doesn't go well kissing the other person. You need a good kisser and your lips and tongue stimulated to really hit your peak.

Mostly B's


Sex and Love Therapy

Your ears massages, licked, nibbled and kissed can send your orgasm to the next level and get you completely turned on even if you are dead asleep. Your ears sucked too hard, doused in spit or smacked in can turn you off so fast it will take a miracle to bring that spark back!

Mostly C's = NECK and NAPE

Sex and Love Therapy

Your whole neck area, including the back, sides and nape all have hot zones for you that keep you writhing in pleasure! You could be in a completely different place doing something ordinary and that spot will snap you right into sex. Handled with no skill and the wrong moves will get you right back in the single zone.


Sex and Love Therapy

If you aren't ticklish in these areas they can be a huge area to play in for many different sensations. When these places are kissed, suckled and massaged you go into a place of complete passion. If there are too hard of bites, hickeys and slaps that make it painful, you are most likely ready to kick them off. For good.

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