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5 Fall Dating Ideas - Part One

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Fall is upon us and that means crisper breezes, changing leaves, school and new dates to be explored! Summer was fun, it was hot and there were many great outdoors things to do. Fall still has some good outdoor potential and some great inside quality time as well. Here are 5 Fall dating ideas that will get your season started.

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1. Go camping in your backyard!

Take your little tent out into the backyard and set it up with cozy sleeping bags, pillows, candles, music, and lots of blankets. Put together a picnic dinner or if you have a small grill or firepit, roast some hot dogs and s'mores. Put some blankets and pillows just outside your tent to lay out and look at the stars right before you get some serious lovin' on in your tent.

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2. Get out on the water!

Find a lake, river, bay near you and either rent a small boat or take a ferry ride around or down the water. Some boats have dinner served onboard and live music! If you are renting a small boat just take it out for a few hours and go fishing, talk, play music, paddle to a nearby sandy shore for some exploration and make an adventure out of it.

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3. Go Beer Tasting!

Wine tasting is fun but the new trend is to go beer tasting to all the local breweries. Find some unique flavors, check out the facility, take a tour, try different beers with food, or go to your local supermarket and get a unique selection so you can beer taste at home!

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4. Get a Couples Massage...

Every town has either a resort or a spa nearby, book a couples massage and enjoy being pampered side by side. If they have hot tubs book some time to soak afterwards and bring a bottle of bubbly and cold water to refresh yourselves.

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5. Get Competitive!

Go to your local "Dave & Busters" or something similar and play some games! Compete and see who can get the most points or tickets by the end of the night. Whoever wins gets a "special prize" you pick from the other person (ie: back massage, dessert, special kisses). Grab a pizza and enjoy being a big kid again with your best friend.

For more snazzy date ideas look for our 5 Fall Dating Ideas Part Two!

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