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Dating the Family: Fun activities to do with kids

Many mixed families are getting together these days, little to old and now dating has become a blend of romantic dates alone as well as family dates to get to know the kids!

Everyone wants to be able to have a great experience with the children in not only finding out who they are, but spending time bonding, letting them get to know you, and showing your love what your family skills and comforts are to see if it is a future worth pursuing.

Here are some fun family activities that are great for families that are dating, families that are already blended or just families in general.


1. Picnic and Card Games at the Beach or Park!

Wherever your demographic whether it's near a park or the coast, there is a family gathering place close that has a table, a BBQ and some space outdoors. While the summer is still sizzling, get everyone together and bring some hot dogs, chips and drinks, keep it casual and fun and play some (gasp!) non-electronic games! Pull out the old UNO cards, play Blackjack with candy as the betting prize, take out the paddle ball set or play a game of Frisbee in the sand.


2. Family Chef Night with a Movie

Go out all together to the grocery store and pick out the ingredients to a meal you have all chosen, then go back to the kitchen, assign tasks and work on it together. When the meal is done sit down and watch a great movie you all picked out while enjoying your team effort. Don't forget to thank each person for what they contributed. This is a fun way to teach and have fun at the same time!


3. Playtime and Story Telling

For smaller children in the toddler to pre-school age it's a bit tougher to do activities that truly bond you together, but getting down to their level and connecting with something they love is a great way of doing it. Play what they are into; everyone sit on the floor and play dinosaurs, Barbies, hot wheel car crash, tea party. You will be surprised at how your memory comes back for imagination time! Then snuggle everyone down and read a good book or tell a story, get animated and involve the kids so they get excited about it. If you do this even just once a week the children will cherish each time and you will connect!


4. Adventures Galore!

For older kids in their teen or young adult years, doing road trips, camping and fun adventures are key! Creating those lasting memories and showing them you can take the TIME out to just listen, enjoy yourself and get to know them will be fundamental in connecting. One way to start off is to take a hike, a nature walk or a "city stroll" where you are getting outside without any distractions and exploring an area you have never been. Depending on where you are this could be a variety of different places but it gives you the chance to see new things, find new restaurants or caves, pick up treasures or cool photos and talk! Talking and discovering together is what we used to do before internet!


5. Museum and Charades!

Odd mix I know but kids love both of these things! You can most always find a children's museum in town where there are fun scientific and learning games, or a natural history museum with giant dinosaur bones, or a fire truck or military airplane museum where kids love to see the history and different vehicles. After a full day of putting wrinkles in their brains, sit down after dinner and play a good old fashioned game of charades. For kids just learning to read and up this can be done by anyone! Don't get too competitive and keep it fun and light. It is a growing experience for kids to get up in front of a group, explain something without words and get out of their heads and into their imagination. Plus it's funny.

Children have all sorts of wonderful interests and the best way to get to know them and bond is to open your mind and appreciate who they are as individuals, learn about who they are and spend quality time with them as a family.

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