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Top 5 Date Ideas for Summer - Part Two

Summer is still here and the nights are still long and warm and the sunset is still romantic and alluring. However fall will be here before you know it so we need to squeeze out some more summer date ideas to take advantage of this beautiful season.


1. Do some art together

Even if you are not an artist, it is always fun to do something creative as a couple. There are art workshops, wine and art classes, many hilltops for a great landscape drawing, fun city spots for photography, or just sit down across from each other and draw all the things you love about the other person and give it to them when you are done. Mix it up with some live music, an inventive dinner and you have one creative juicy night.


2. Good 'ol fashioned scavenger hunt

Remember those slumber parties that made you find a bunch of stuff and take pictures with the items, gather them in a bag or print out polaroids of them? It's random fun and keeps the mind active and a bit out of its comfort zone which is always a bonding experience. Make up some cool clues for around your town and plant items or just pick random people/things. At the end make a very cool prize like dinner on a boat or a private chef wine pairing meal at a winery.


3. Wine blending party

Speaking of wine, "wine blending parties" are a great way to have a few couples over and set out a nice table display on the deck or find one at a local winery. You each get a few bottles of wine to blend into your own "mix" in one bottle. At the end of the night you all get to blind taste them and pick a winner! Then you get to drink all your wines with a fabulous meal cooked at home or from the winemaker!


4. Go to a festival!

It's summer, there are always some kind of festivals somewhere close...Strawberry festival, Lavender Festival, Garlic Festival, Clam Festival....find a listing of local activities or Local Farmer's Market Festivals and take your love. Get some good eats, buy some fun stuff and walk around in the soft summer light smelling that BBQ! Follow it up with a live band or a fun night dancing and keep the "festival energy" alive.


5. Make a theme night

Go thrift store shopping or find a fun costume store where you can find your outfits and accessories, then go to the theme styled restaurant, grill or pub and play the part. Sport fun accents, play like you are in another time or find a great play in the area that has a fun theme and dress the part as if you were in the cast. This is your chance to step outside your box and have some fun.

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