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Top 5 Date Ideas for Summer! - Part One

Top 5 Date Ideas for Summer - Part One

The weather is warm, the sun stays out into the night and you are needing some date ideas, so here are the first top 5 summer dates that will keep your love life HOT!

1. Picnic and Bonfire at the Beach

If you live by the coast (beach or lake) then this is a romantic way to easily gain points with your hottie. Just pack a picnic that you make or pick up at your local grocery store or take out place, add in some special touches like chocolate covered strawberries or a bottle of bubbly! Maybe even get a little s'mores pack together with skewers and roast those mellos up! Get a bundle of wood, a blanket to lay on and one to snuggle with, maybe some music or your guitar (if you play) and take them out to the beach for a night of stars on the waves and time to talk and get cozy!


2. Go on a Sunset Hike

Tell your date to dress for hiking and to bring a sweater, then pack some food, a few candles and some wine! Take them on a short hike that ends about the time you can see the sunset from a good view while you share some wine and light your little candles. Talk and share your dinner then night hike down with flashlights. The exercise, romance and excitement of walking out in the dark are great ingredients for a hot night later...

3. Go Horseback Riding Then BBQ

Go find a great place that rents horses for trails or leads you on a trail with a group while wearing your country duds and enjoy the nature around you. After your ride, go to a BBQ place for dinner or BBQ at home with some beers and some country music. Dance together out at a country western bar or at home and get in touch with your 'inner rodeo' style if you know what we mean!


4. Overnight Camping Road Trip

Grab your little tent or pack well for the back of your truck/SUV and pick a scenic highway that explores some fun and quirky places to visit. Make sure you have a campsite in mind or a place you can camp overnight in your car and cuddle up with flashlights to talk about your fun day exploring new destinations! Take lots of pictures and be spontaneous! Drive back the next day refreshed with a new perspective!

5. Go Zip-Lining or Sky-Diving!

Doing something together that is a bit scary and exciting is extremely bonding and can create an adrenaline high for later on in the bedroom! Doing something you both feel are risky but rewarding accomplishments is a fun way to conquer fear together! You don't have to go as extreme but make sure it's still a challenge and the other person is ready for it too!

For more fun date ideas look for our upcoming posts in part two of the series on more adventures to have to keep that romance alive and well this summer!

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