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Keeping Romance Alive Even When You Have Kids...

You are sitting at the table, candles lit, light music and a beautiful meal...You look into each others eyes and that connection moment is there. Then the bright kitchen lights turn on, the icemaker starts to rumble and you hear "moooommmm, I can't sleep. I'm soooo thirsty and Sally keeps sneaking in and whispering weird things like she's a zombie and it's making me scaaarrreddd.." whimper, whimper. Instantly, the romance is buzz killed. You get up and roll your neck around take a deep breath and punch in for the parent clock. The candles get blown out and dinner gets cold.


You take a time out. That means you and your partner go for dates, OUT of the house and remember that babysitters are AWESOME. You take a class together, you go for a job together, or you just sit in the park with coffee and talk. The important thing to remember is...if you stay connected as lovers, partners and best friends, your kids will benefit a hundred times more by having HAPPY parents. They will see a great example of what love is and life will actually be better for everyone.

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