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Signs She Wants to Have Sex

Whether you are in a new relationship or have been waiting a while, here is a breakdown of when a lady wants to move to the next level. Why I say a "lady" is because this is strictly opinion and can alter depending on the person, what their true intentions are and what they actually value in their relationship with you. This is more of a guide to body language, keywords to look for and intuition.

When a couple have discussed sex, have realized it is in the cards but aren't sure when or where it is going to happen, the lady usually likes to have her man take the lead on this without her having to blurt it out bluntly. There is an art to bringing her into a comfortable place and reading her cues and it is very much like a dance. This is not a tutorial for the players in the house, it is a way for your love to blossom in a new way on the next level with integrity and intentions that have her best interest at heart. Ladies...same with you...having sex is actually a bonding and deeply connective way to have a physical and energetic closeness.

People who can mess around and then cut it off without emotion or care for the other person have a whole different mess of issues with intimacy that certainly can be worked out with the right counseling...but moving are the signs she wants to have sex!

1. She will coyly look at you with heavy eyelids, play with her hair, lick her lips or pucker them subconsciously, touch you more or lean in to you closer.

2. Her energy will be focused on you and there will be steady eye contact, she may squint into "bedroom eyes" when she is verbalizing hints and her body will warm up.

3. Her scent will become stronger, her pharemones are increasing and she will become more musky and attractive to your senses.

4. She will be open to soft touching, her arms will not be crossed but open in anticipation, her head may tilt to the side or back a bit and she may fiddle with her jewelry or clothes in anxious waiting.

5. There will be keywords she will drop but mostly she will be flirty and a bit mischievous, a little bit teasing and again..she will be touching you more, get closer, she will want to smell you as well so she may lean her head into your neck or the top of your chest.

The best way to know is to read all of these signs and give into her body's yearning. Hug at first and really hold her, feel what she is wanting and how she lets go to your touch. She will wait but the very best way is to be confident and respectful, making a lot of eye contact to read what she wants and to listen to her body's cues. When you get to that point gradually, slowly move into sex watching her face for approval and openness and then move into really showing her intense pleasure. The best is "asking" with body language, then moving in and through the flow as she accepts.

If she doesn't you will know! There will be coldness, avoided eye contact or confusion on her face, restricted movement or her head turned when you go to kiss her. If you notice any adverse body language slowly move away from her and simply touch her face, bring her back to sweet kisses and loving intensions to soften her defenses and then ask verbally if she is okay, if she needs more time or if she just wants to be held.

Sometimes she will want to move forward but because of past experiences, memories, or fear of pain there will be a hesitation. Do not take this personally, huff off or get angry. This is not because of you unless there are relationship issues you have to work out, the very best way to love is to communicate and take baby steps.

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