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Live Your

Greatest Love Story

I help you do life and love in a more authentic way to restore confidence, deepen connection, and ignite unguarded intimacy in your relationships...

even’re stuck and at a crossroads in your life.


Why sex and love therapy?


Resolve longstanding issues that continue to sabotage your life and relationships for a massive shift in mindset, happiness, and sexual exploration.


Discover heightened self-awareness and BE your true authentic self without apologizing for who you are and what you want.


Develop staggering levels of magnetism and self-respect for sex appeal so powerful people will beg to know your secret.


Navigate the subtle nuances of your relationships effortlessly to eliminate chronic stress, pain, and frustration.


Increase playfulness, ignite adventure, and rekindle excitement for a collection of incredible moments and unforgettable memories etched in time.

Tap into the real you to discover purpose, direction, and true love…

Feel Loved. Feel Sexy. Feel Alive!

  • Wendy’s intuitive approach is a unique, solution-focused treatment plan completely customized to fit you (or your relationship).


  • Your Sex and Love Therapy Solution comes with a treasure trove chock-full of super simple tips, restorative tools, and transformational skills to create significant, personal and relationship growth in as little as 2 to 6 months.

confessions behind closed doors


Sex & Love Therapy - 2 months

“He tried again and again to please me, sometimes for 45 minutes, but still no orgasm. And although I always felt I was so close to having one…it just wouldn’t happen for me. The fear of not being able to climax and the pain I sometimes experienced during sex, made it even worse. My body basically refused it. My boyfriend on the other hand, felt rejected and insecure about his inability to please me. I knew there had to be more to it so, I went online to find a therapist. Wendy helped me to get clear on the narrative that was taking place inside my head so that I could spot the negative beliefs and emotional setbacks that prevented me from climaxing. Now, I feel much more comfortable in my own skin and we communicate more openly which has helped us both to relax, explore ourselves, each other and have fun doing it.”

Mature Man's Portrait


Sex & Love Therapy - 3 Months

“I’ve tried a variety of enhancement drugs but could never get used to the headaches or the idea that eventually I may not be able to hold an erection at all. I knew I needed to try something different, but constantly put it on the back burner. It wasn’t until last year, when I had a heart attack, that I had no choice but to talk to a specialist. Wendy helped me to redirect my focus around pleasure and intimacy to mitigate the difficulties with my E.D. The expectations that I’ve held, my beliefs about the way things should be, and especially my history, have all played a huge part in treating it. I didn’t realize the immense amount of stress I was under until the weight was lifted. I carried it around so long that it felt normal. Now I have the tools I need to help me move forward confidently.”

Couple Hugging


Sex & Love Therapy - 6 Months 

“It was always about work. That seemed to be the only thing we had in common anymore. We were so busy trying to create the perfect life that life was passing us by. Sex was far and few between (and more my husband’s priority than mine). This led to fighting, resentment and even far less sex. One night over dinner, my husband suggested a divorce. I was completely blindsided and absolutely heart broken. Not knowing what to do, I reached out to Wendy a week later. Wendy helped us to revisit “taboo” conflicts that were brushed under the rug years ago. Now, our marriage is better than it’s ever been—we’ve grown much closer and more intimate. Spontaneous, weekend getaways have become a new thing for us. And most of all, I see my husband in a way I never knew existed.”

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Unique Intimacy Tips and Techniques


Game-Changing Vision Creation Blueprint


Customized Planning Fit for You…

Or Your Relationship


Transformative Coaching Retreats for Couples (New service to come shortly!)


Unparalleled Warmth and Compassion. 


Engaging One-On-One Support


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